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AkaFormula better known by his online moniker AkaFormula, is well-known for being the founder of the Red Reserve gaming channel on YouTube. In addition to his role as an analyst and player at the establishment, he has been instrumental in the establishment of a collaboration between the business and the internationally renowned FaZe Clan. His management company is now Up North Management. Additionally, he has received assistance from the gaming equipment manufacturer SteelSeries.

On November 15, 2014, he debuted the Red Reserve channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. He has over 4.63 million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. The video entitled “NICEST 10 YEAR OLD EVER ON FORTNITE GIVES ME HIS SCAR!” has received 8.4 times as many views than any other of his videos. In addition to that, he is now a co-owner of the meal replacement drink brand known as CTRL. Myrl and him have collaborated quite a bit over his time as a co-administrator for the Red Reserve channel on YouTube.

Kushelevskiy started working with digital video as a youngster. As a dedicated player of Call of Duty, he explored YouTube and came upon a tiny but loyal community of other gamers with similar interests. Kushelevskiy took a different route than most individuals with his expertise, opting instead to pursue a career in management rather than immediately jumping into the creation of content or participating in esports events. Red Reserve is a team that has links to the FaZe Clan, and it was founded by some of the friends that he had met in the Call of Duty community on YouTube.

Kushelevskiy was in charge of the team and split his time between furthering his schooling (he had a degree in actuarial science), spending three to five hours per day on administration, and sometimes working on Call of Duty movies with members of Red and FaZe. He had no intention of turning those movies into his full-time occupation when Red Reserve came apart; but, once the firm failed, he discovered that he was more interested in the production of content than in administration. However, he did have an issue: since he didn’t have much expertise creating movies at the time, shooting one required a time commitment of eight hours–a whole work day. This presented a difficulty for him.

And he learned from the content producers he had met that if he wanted to make a life from YouTube, he would need to post on a regular basis, if not every day, then at least many times each week. As a direct consequence of this, he proceeded with caution. He quit his studies at the university, found four friends on YouTube, and moved to Florida since it had the lowest rent rates in the country. They positioned themselves as a collective to attract sponsors prepared to pay their rent on a month-to-month basis and sponsor their movies, and they had a combined total of 300,000 followers between the three of them. In order to establish themselves, they slept on air mattresses and ate cheaply for a number of months in order to save money. This strategy ultimately resulted in Kushelevskiy switching from Call of Duty to the game Fortnite, which is fast gaining popularity.

He rose to prominence in the Fortnite community by participating in duos, a mode of the game in which two players are placed together in a team at random and compete in a royal battle against dozens of other two-player teams. His films on YouTube highlighted the highs and lows of playing with randos, including one rando in particular that stands out in his memory. According to Kushelevskiy, the video he made with “the nicest child on Fortnite” was the catalyst for the channel’s transformation into what it is now. After the video showcasing a randomly paired child who is very caring and provides Kushelevskiy the game’s top pistol became viral, Kushelevskiy’s subscriber count unexpectedly topped one million. The video may be seen here.

It was the first step toward something really significant. A little over a year after the video was posted online, Kushelevskiy and the other members of his squad all joined Luminosity Gaming, which is both a content maker and an esports company. In conjunction with the acquisition, their property in Florida was given the official moniker of the LG Fortnite House. Kushelevskiy has brought his total number of subscribers to 3.31 million in the seven months following the announcement of the arrangement, increasing his monthly views to over 25 million. He has recruited almost 2 million new subscribers to his channel.

This sudden turn of events has inspired him to consider his next career step, which he believes will assist him in shifting from being an influencer on YouTube to one who is influential across several platforms by the year 2020. Kushelevskiy started experimenting with digital video while he was still a teenager and has been doing so up to the present day. Because he was such a huge fan of Call of Duty, he used YouTube to find a tight-knit community of other people who shared his passion for the game. Kushelevskiy decided to go in a different direction and pursue a career in management rather than working as a content creator or competing in esports events. This decision sets him apart from the majority of others who have comparable qualifications.

several of the friends he’d met while participating in the Call of Duty community on YouTube were responsible for founding Red Reserve, a Call of Duty squad that has connections to the FaZe Clan. He was in control of the team and split his time between schoolwork (he had a degree in actuarial science), administration (three to five hours per day), and sometimes shooting Call of Duty films with members of the Red and FaZe squads. After Red Reserve filed for bankruptcy, he had no intention of turning those movies into his full-time occupation. However, when the company filed for bankruptcy, he discovered that he was being drawn more into content production than management.

However, he did run into a problem: at the time, he had the experience necessary to make films, thus shooting one needed a time commitment of eight hours – the equivalent of a full workday. After speaking with other content producers, he was able to get an idea of how to make money on YouTube. These creators informed him that in order to be successful, he would need to submit videos on a consistent basis, if not daily. As a direct consequence of this, he made a move that may have adverse consequences. Because of the high cost of living in Florida, he decided to forego his university education, gather four of his YouTube acquaintances, and relocate to the Sunshine State.

They positioned themselves as a collective in order to recruit sponsors who would pay their rent on a month-to-month basis and support their movies, and they had a combined following of 300,000 people. For a number of months, in order to establish themselves, they depended on air beds and insufficient diet. This was a process that finally resulted in Kushelevskiy transferring from the game Call of Duty to the rapidly expanding popularity of the game Fortnite. When he first began playing Fortnite, he became primarily known for his duo’s playstyle, which entails two players being partnered up at random and competing in a battle royale against dozens of other two-person teams. During his time playing Fortnite, he has become primarily known for his duo’s playstyle.

He was able to capture the highs and lows of his encounters with randos with the assistance of his YouTube films. One of these videos in particular sticks out as being particularly noteworthy. A video that featured “the cutest child on Fortnite,” as described by Kushelevskiy, is said to have been a defining milestone in the development of his YouTube channel. [Citation needed] After the video that you can see below became viral, the number of subscribers that Kushelevskiy had swiftly surpassed one million. The video shows a randomly paired youngster who is very kind to him and gives him the most powerful weapon in the game.

It was the first step toward something of a tremendous nature. Around a year after the video was published, Kushelevskiy and his buddies secured a deal with Luminosity Gaming, which is both a content provider and an esports organisation. Luminosity Gaming is a content provider and an esports organisation. As a result of the transaction, the couple’s property in Florida became known as the LG Fortnite House, which literally translates to “LG Fortnite House.” Kushelevskiy has added roughly 2 million new members to his channel in the seven months that have passed since the announcement of the agreement. This brings the total number of subscribers that he has to 3.31 million, and his monthly views have increased to around 25 million.

Because of his meteoric surge in popularity, he has started to plan his next step in his professional career, which he feels will allow him to transition from being a YouTube influencer to becoming an influencer across many platforms by the end of the year 2020. 1 out of every 100 people in the population Formula is a popular YouTuber who was born on May 24, 1996 in the city of Moscow, which is located in the Russian Federation.

The fact that he created the Red Reserve gaming channel on YouTube has brought him the most of his notoriety. As a result of his long history of participation on the programme, both as a player and a commentator, as well as his membership in the internationally acclaimed FaZe Clan, the company has chosen to associate itself with the organisation. According to a consensus reached by astrologers, the zodiac sign corresponding to the 1 percent Formula is Gemini.


This is a concern that is held by a great number of people. Let’s have a look at it together, shall we? According to information that is freely accessible on IMDb and Wikipedia, one percent of Formula’s members do not had their ethnicity listed. In the next section, we will offer an update on 1% of Formula’s political and religious opinions. In the interim, he has been instrumental in assisting the Red Reserve YouTube channel in accumulating over 370,000 subscribers. In addition to that, he has been the administrator of his very own Formula channel on YouTube, where he mostly posts video blogs about his adventures.

it seems as if 1 percent Formula has never been married before and has never been married before. As of the end of the year 2021, one percent of Formula members had never been in a committed relationship with another person. According to the figures provided by YouTube, one percent of the general public is counted among the most popular stars on the platform. In addition to this, she is a member of the exclusive club of well-known celebrities who were born in the Russian Federation. Every year on the 24th of May, one percent of the whole population celebrates Formula’s birthday.

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  • Birthday/Birth Date: 24, 1996
  • Place of Birth: Russia
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  • Age: 26 Years old
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  • Occupation: YouTube Personality and Gamer
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  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: 32M
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  • Total Instagram Followers: 650K fans
  • Total YouTube Followers:  4.5M subscribers

Alex Kushelevskiy, better known online as AkaFormula, is the gamer who launched the Red Reserve gaming channel on YouTube. He is a frequent commentator and player for the esports organisation FaZe Clan, which has a relationship with the corporation and is widely considered to be the most successful esports team in the world. Up North Management is in charge of his representation. Additionally, the gaming equipment manufacturer SteelSeries has shown their support for the cause.

The 15th of November, 2014 was the day he launched the Red Reserve channel on YouTube. On YouTube, he has around 4.63 million followers that have subscribed to his channel. This ten-year-old kid playing Fortnite is the nicest one I’ve ever seen! video, which has had a total of 8.4 views up to this point, is his most well-known. Additionally, he is now a co-owner of the company that makes the meal replacement drink known as CTRL. As a co-administrator of the Red Reserve channel on YouTube, he has had a tight working relationship with Myol.

When he was just 16 years old, he made his debut in the realm of digital video. He has been a dedicated fan ever since. He discovered a tight-knit yet devoted group of Call of Duty gamers on YouTube via his obsessive participation in the game. Instead of heading right into a job in content production or esports competition as many of his contemporaries did, Kushelevskiy decided to pursue a career in management instead. Several of his buddies from playing Call of Duty online came together to form the team Red Reserve, which is associated with the FaZe Clan. In addition to being in charge of the team, Kushelevskiy was also pursuing a degree in actuarial science and working as an administrator for three to five hours every day. In addition to that, he found time to play Call of Duty alongside members of Red and FaZe.

When Red Reserve was dissolved, he did not want to make those films his full-time job; nonetheless, he realized that he was being drawn more into content production than management after Red Reserve’s dissolution. On the other hand, his expertise of filmmaking at the time was inadequate, and as a result, it would take him the whole of a work day to shoot a single scene. And he had learned from the other producers he had met that posting regularly, if not daily, was vital if he wanted to make a living off of YouTube. In other words, he wanted to make a living off of YouTube.

Because he had made this choice, he was able to act in trust and take the risk. He and four of his YouTube friends moved to Florida to take advantage of the state’s affordable housing options when he decided to withdraw from university. They presented themselves as a group with 300,000 followers in order to attract the attention of potential sponsors who were willing to pay their rent on a monthly basis and support their films. Kushelevskiy sacrificed their quality of life for many months by sleeping on air mattresses and eating cheaply in order to get into the Fortnite competitive scene after making the switch from Call of Duty.

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