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Amy Lee33 is a YouTuber whose channel is considered by gaming enthusiasts all over the internet to be among the very finest gaming channels available. Amy has been surrounded by a legion of gamers ever since she first began her channel, and these gamers often shower her channel with compliments on account of the exceptional gaming talents that she has. Her gaming methods in Minecraft, Roblox, and even The Sims are unrivalled, and it is well worth the time to binge-watch the videos in order to learn them since she can breeze through even the most difficult levels of video games.

And if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to gaming, then this is your signal to enter into this YouTube paradise, where you’ll find yourself gradually becoming a fan of this British player! In addition, Amy has shown that she is more than just a gamer by establishing a second channel on which she concentrates on vlogs and short trips. This is evidence that she is here to stay. She is undeniably convincing evidence that Amy Lee33 is deserving of all the acclaim and attention she has received and will undoubtedly go on to achieve much greater success.

Amy Lee33 was always the odd kid in the class, with her unique style of thinking and her unending passion for games. When she had the thought to create a channel on YouTube, she immediately had a plan in place for what she wanted to talk about with others on the internet. And in the year 2013, Amy debuted her very first channel on YouTube under the name Amy Lee33, which has since become a channel that every gamer vouchsafes as being the best.

Her videos of Minecraft and other vintage games from the 1990s like Zombies ate my neighbors gained more than 10,000 views in a couple of months, which catapulted her into the public eye and propelled her to stardom. Her channel spread like wildfire across the community of video game fans, and as a result, she amassed more than half a million followers in a little over a year and a half’s time. The number of subscribers has already surpassed one million and continues to grow.

Amy’s hobby of playing video games has evolved into a full-fledged profession throughout the course of her life. Additionally, she rose to prominence after being featured on the channel of Stamp, an additional well-known gamer on YouTube, where more than 8 million people experienced her incredible gaming abilities.

It’s no surprise that Amy Lee33’s followers can’t get enough of all the singer has to give. And now, in order to step up her game even further, she has launched a second channel called Amy’s World, on which she can be seen in her natural, non-gamer avatar. Amy’s World is a great way to get to know her better since it mostly features her vlogging with her friends and providing insider information on the things that are some of her particular loves.

Amy Lee33 is adored by a large number of people despite the fact that she is a kickass gamer. This is because she is very passionate about animal rights and leading a vegan lifestyle. Amy has earned a great deal of respect for her unwavering dedication to the cause of ending cruel treatment of animals across all of her social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. Despite the fact that she occasionally faces criticism for her stance, Amy has never wavered from her commitments.

Amy Lee33 is not only one of the best female gamers on social media, but she has also shown that gaming is not simply a job for her; rather, it is where her passion lies. She has gone above and beyond to demonstrate this. Recently, she announced the publication of her debut novel, titled “Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex,” as well as “The Magical World of Amy Lee,” which is a book that focuses on puzzles and other enjoyable activities.

On July 29, 1987, Amy Lee33 was born in the United Kingdom. We know that Amy has two brothers and a sister-in-law who also has a YouTube channel called ‘Saleslady,’ despite the fact that there is only a limited amount of information accessible regarding her family life. Amy’s gaming abilities and skills are already considered as some of the best in the industry, despite the fact that her YouTube career may have only just taken off in a big way. Keep going, Amy Lee33!

YouTube Minecraft player who was signed by Disney’s Maker Studios to work for the company. Her exploits in Minecraft and The Sims have contributed to the more than 386 million views that her channel now has. Since July of 2014, her video titled “Amy’s Land of Love! Ep.51 Witches Invade My House! | Minecraft | Amy Lee33” has achieved more than 5.8 million views on its own. Before she became famous, she began uploading videos to the YouTube channel known as amyleethirty3 in June of 2013 and quickly built up her subscriber base to more than 500,000 in less than two years.

Trivia Mermaid is the skin she uses for Minecraft. Amy’s World is the name of her second channel, which she use more as a forum for writing than anything else. On her Instagram account, she has shared a number of pictures featuring her border collie puppy. Family Life She is married to Salem’s Lady, who also happens to be one of her two brothers. Connections Made With She, along with Stacy Plays, Stamp, IBallisticSquid, and Mousy Mouse, are all considered to be members of the same “Minecraft family.”

Mother Lee33 is 32 years old, and she is Amy Lee33’s mother. Leo was her astrological sign when she entered the world on July 29, 1987, in the United Kingdom. In a similar vein, she has two brothers in addition to a sister-in-law who runs a channel on YouTube titled ‘Saleslady.’ There is no public information on either of her parents, her mother or her father. She has a puppy called Max and a deep love for all kinds of animals. Her puppy is now three years old, and she often shares photos of him on her Instagram account. She has even produced a series of gaming videos for YouTube under the name Amy & Max, which can be seen on YouTube.

Her previous experience and training have not been discussed at this time. On the other hand, while considering her age. It looks that she has finished all of her studies at the university level. Amy is a citizen of the United States of America; this is her nationality. Amy is a well-known YouTuber who is most known for her gaming channel under the username Amy Lee33. She is known for having what is considered to be one of the top gaming channels. Since she began uploading videos to her channel, she has attracted a large following of other gamers, many of whom are quick to congratulate her on the great gaming skills she has.

She has conquered the most challenging levels in video games, and her gaming methods for “Minecraft,” “Roblox,” and “The Sims” are one-of-a-kind and make every minute spent binge-watching the videos worthwhile. She was always the odd kid out, with unique thinking and a lasting passion of gaming, both of which led to a road of success in her gaming career.

Her unconventional thinking drove her to become a famous gamer. Amy Lee33 was the name of her first YouTube channel, which she debuted in June of 2013. Her videos of “Minecraft” and other old games from the 1990s, such as “Zombies ate my neighbors,” drew over 10,000 views in a couple of months, which is mostly what propelled her to notoriety and brought her to the forefront of the gaming community.

Her channel gained over 500,000 followers in a short amount of time and went on to become a well-known subject among those who like playing video games. She now has over 1.03 million followers and the number is still growing, and her videos have had close to 373,274,629 views at this point. It is obvious that she has made the transition from playing video games for enjoyment to doing so as her primary occupation. She also garnered a lot of attention after appearing on the channel of Stamp, who is another well-known gamer on YouTube. More than 8 million people observed her incredible gaming talents on Stamp’s channel.

In addition, she has created the YouTube series “Pony Paradise Islands!,” “Pony Paradise!,” “Funny Games!,” and “Pony Paradise!” “Mermaid Monday! Season 2,” “The Pet Shop! Minecraft Roleplay,” and other titles such as “Amy & Max!,” “Crazy Craft 4!,” “Reedsville,” and “Amy’s Land Of Love!” She, along with Stacy Plays, Stamp, IBallisticSquid, and Mousy Mouse, is a member of a Minecraft family. Her character in Minecraft takes the form of a mermaid in the game.

She had even stepped up her game by beginning a second channel that was titled “Amy’s World.” The majority of the content on the channel was comprised of vlogs and shorter journeys. Even though this channel is no longer operational and cannot be seen anywhere on the internet, she used to publish her raw avatar that she used outside of gaming. Her primary claim to fame was that she often showed her pals various vlogging videos and let the cat out of the bag about which ones were her favourite. Her YouTube account served as an entertaining resource for gaining more familiarity with her.

Cherryvale is the name of another YouTube channel that she created by her own hand on May 26, 2020; it presently has 1,3900 subscribers. She launched this channel so that she could share goofy vlogs, weird food reviews, silly challenges, and other stuff with her audience. Her first video, titled “The WEIRDEST UNICORN Products On AMAZON!,” was published online in June of the year 2020.

Amy is not only one of the most accomplished female gamers on social media, but she has also shown that gaming is more to her than just a career; it is also where her heart is. She has gone above and beyond to show that gaming is more than just a job for her; it is also where her heart is. She has also written her first novel, which is titled “Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex,” in addition to a book titled “The Magical World of Amy Lee,” which is a book featuring puzzles and other enjoyable activities.

Regarding the status of her personal life at the moment, it is most probable that she is single. She has never been married and has no children of her own. In addition, she has never revealed whether or if she is in a relationship, nor has she ever been pictured with a male companion on any of her Instagram profiles. At this point in time, she is focused on herself and her professional life. She is happy with her position as a single person.

Aside from that, she advocates for the rights of animals and lives a vegan lifestyle, both of which have been beautiful components of her life for a very long time. On all of her social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter, she is a vocal opponent of inhumane treatment of animals. Even while she sometimes receives hate mail, she maintains her principled stance, which has helped her win a great deal of respect. In addition to that, she has an impeccable track record.

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  • Birthday/Birth Date: 29, 1987
  • Place of Birth: England
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  • Age: 34 Years old
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  • Occupation: YouTube Personality
  • Height: 5’4″


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  • Total Instagram Followers: 397K followers
  • Total YouTube Followers: 1.02 million

Amy is a beautiful and calm person. She is a tall woman, standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. In a similar manner, she has a gorgeous set of green eyes and dark hair. It is not possible to get any of her other bodily measurements. She has a presence on several social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube among others. On Instagram, she goes by the name @asylee33, and she has close to 408,000 followers. Additionally, she has 103k verified followers on Facebook and 218.1k followers on Twitter, both of which display the verification checkmark.

She runs not one but two different channels on YouTube. Cherryvale now has 1,300 subscribers and is steadily gaining ground, while her primary channel has over one million and a half followers. In the same vein, she has offered her business email address, which can be found at, for any enquiries related to biz. In addition to that, she is the creator of her own own brand of stuff, which encompasses a wide range of items.

Amylee33 is a well-known English YouTube celebrity who rose to prominence because to the videos of her playing Minecraft and The Sims that she uploaded to her channel. Her YouTube channel now has more than 1.02 million followers, thanks to her efforts. “Amy’s Land Of Love! Ep.51 Witches Invade My House! | Minecraft | Amy Lee33” is the name of her video that has received the most views. She also maintains an active presence on the photo-sharing platform Instagram, where she has amassed over 397 thousand followers by posting both still images and video.

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