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She is particularly recognised for the amusing Q&A, vlog, and collaborative video that she publishes to her YouTube channel, which is also branded with the badkidtonilogan moniker. BadKidToniLogan is an American actor, Instagram phenomenon, and social media celebrity. In addition to this, she is well-known for being a part of the group Tha Bad Kids, which can be seen on Young 22’s channel on YouTube dubbed FunnyMike. Additionally, she is a member of the band known as Tha Bad Kids.

Toni Logan is a social media influencer and Instagram star who has gained a substantial following over the course of her time on Instagram. She is well-known for the various dancing videos that she releases on her YouTube channel, as well as the lifestyle material that she gives on her Instagram account, which is known as badkidtonilogan. On November 2, 2006, Toni was born in the city of Houston, which is situated in the state of Texas, in the United States of America.

There is not a single piece of information that can be obtained on her parents or her early life. According to Toni herself, she derives from both African and American heritage and holds American citizenship. It would appear that she has always had a love for dance as indicated by the fact that she has established a business out of it. At the present, she is pursuing her academics by attending senior year of high school. In the question and answer video that Toni has published on YouTube, she states that she is now in the eighth grade and that she is pursuing her education.

On December 27, 2016, the actress created her channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. She maintains a large selection of blogs, question-and-answer videos, reaction videos, challenge videos, and other forms of videos on her channel on YouTube. There are presently six videos accessible on YouTube that were uploaded by the celebrity. The very first video that she ever uploaded to her YouTube account was a vlog on September 29, 2020; the topic of the vlog was her going shopping, and it was around a year in the future.

The subject of the video blog was identical to the subject of the very first video that she had ever published to her channel. The topic of the video blog, which was referred to throughout as “MALL VLOG,” was shopping. There is a likelihood that the video with the title “VLOG WITH AALIYAH & WHO IS KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE,” which has gained more than 215 thousand views on YouTube, is the one that has attracted the most number of people to watch it. Over the last several years, Toni has established herself as a popular figure on Instagram and has amassed a sizeable number of followers as a result.

The login information for her primary account is officialtonilogan, but she also has a backup account that she can access using the pseudonym badkidtonilogan. She uses this account in the event that anything goes wrong with her first account. Toni is one of the naughty youngsters who often creates difficulty for both them and their friends. It is a reference to a group of well-known people from the internet that worked together on rap recordings at the same time.

This organization is comprised of nineteen different people, all of whom have achieved widespread notoriety on the internet as a result of the work that they have done as internet celebrities. This notoriety was attained as a direct result of the work that these individuals have done as internet celebrities. Toni, who is involved in the beauty industry, has collaborated with Swag basics on a broad variety of projects during the duration of their working relationship. Swag basics is a company that specializes in fashion and streetwear. These endeavours have been completed in collaboration with the organization.

It was a group effort on the part of her and the people who work for her on her team to come up with new hair care products that will be marketed under the brand name Slayed Edge Control Beauty Products. In addition to this, she has been involved in the process right from the beginning, taking part in the organization of everything from the packaging to the selection of colors, labels, fragrances, and any other aspect of the product. Her contributions have ranged from the selection of colors to the organization of everything else.

This involves contributing to the decision-making process about the colors, labelling, and aromas. She has been an active participant in the process right from the beginning when it was first initiated. After it has been established that a performer’s time on stage is over, the artist’s net worth must have reached a minimum of one million dollars for the career of the performer to be regarded finished and the performer’s career to be considered ended. According to the most recent information that she has supplied, the total engagement rate that she monitors is, on average, somewhere about 17.28 percent.

As a direct result of this fact, the amount of money that she gets as compensation for sponsored pieces ranges anywhere from $753 to $1,255 for each individual item on average. This is an immediate repercussion of the situation that we are in. In connection with the release of Swag Essentia’s newest cosmetic product, Toni has shared a few interesting anecdotes about herself in the following paragraphs. Swag Essentia is responsible for the creation of the product in question. She is under the impression that once her internet company is up and running,

she will be able to produce sufficient income from it to ensure that she is able to financially support herself. She is making preparations to launch the company very quickly. On her Instagram account, which she uses to share photographs and videos, she has both replied to it and commented on it. She uses Instagram to share both. To this date, the well-known individual in issue has not been the subject of any stories or rumours that have stoked the flames of controversy. The fact that her professional life is doing so well right now is fantastic news for her, and it is nice to learn that this is the case.

Toni’s current height of 5 feet and 2 inches is comfortably within the range of what may be described as average for someone with her body type. Her height has not changed much since she was a child. In the not too distant future, the total amount will be increased to reflect not only her current age but also any potential future increases in that age that may come to pass. This means that the increase will take into account both her current age as well as any potential future increases in that age.

In addition to this, she is the proprietor of her very own channel on YouTube, which now has a combined total of 54,000 subscribers. Toni Logan, who was born in the United States and is now 15 years old, rose to attention after uploading a series of provocative images of herself on the social networking website Instagram. The surge in popularity that Toni has enjoyed may be attributed, in part, to the dancing performances that she has given as well as the information about her lifestyle that she posts on her Instagram account (which is called badkidtonilogan).

Toni joined Instagram for no other reason than to have a little bit of fun and participate in a trend; however, when Toni joined Instagram for the very first time, she had no idea that she would soon have more than 249 thousand people following her on Instagram alone. Toni joined Instagram for no other reason than to have a little bit of fun and participate in a trend. Toni Logan was born on November 2nd, 2006 in the city of Houston, Texas, to parents who both had careers in the area of education.

Her parents met and married each other when they were both teaching. Toni Logan was her given name when she was born. There is evidence of Toni’s background on both her mother’s and father’s sides of the family tree, and it may be categorized as either African or African American. She has uploaded a significant amount of images of her family members, including her parents, across all of her social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This includes postings of her parents. On the other hand, other information about her parents, such as their names and what they do for a career, has, to this day, remained a mystery. This information has not been revealed. This is shown by the fact that she is unaware of the professions held by either of her parents. The fact that it has been more than a decade since she was born does not change the reality that this is still the situation. Toni’s love of dancing goes all the way back to when she was a little child, and her excitement for the art form has only grown stronger throughout the course of her life.

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BadKid Toni Logan, United States

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BadKid Toni Logan,

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  • Birthday/Birth Date: November 2, 2006
  • Place of Birth: United States
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  • Age: 15 Years old
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  • Total Instagram Followers: 219K fans
  • Total YouTube Followers: 54K subscribers

Her parents showered her with an abundance of love and care for the whole of her youth, and they did all in their power to ensure that she had the very finest education and was brought up in the greatest environment conceivable for a human being. They are accommodating all of her needs and doing all in their ability to help her achieve the objectives that she has established for herself.

To put it another way, she has reached an age when she has completed a phase of childhood that will certainly result in her developing into a magnificent individual and doing great things in the years to come. This period of childhood is known as the “tween years.” She is at the age when she is going through this stage of childhood at the moment.

Taking into consideration her age, it can be said with absolute certainty that she is now enrolled as a senior at the same high school that she went to in the past at this very moment. In spite of this, she has not disclosed any information regarding the university or any other kind of educational institution in which she is now enrolled.

It is only reasonable for Toni’s admirers to be concerned about the status of her personal relationships given that she is one of the most well-known Instagram stars and that she has a sizeable number of followers. She has not disclosed whether or not she is seeing someone at the time in the present tense; yet, the implication is clear. To be more specific, her loyal fans are curious to find out whether or not she is in a romantic connection with another individual.

Those of hers who are interested in her love life will be disappointed to learn that as of right now, she has not revealed whether or not she is in a relationship with someone else. This will dissatisfy fans who are interested in her love life. Fans of hers who are interested in her love life will likely be dissatisfied to learn this news. A good number of her followers have shown an interest in expanding their knowledge on the individuals with whom she is romantically associated.

However, taking into account her age, it would make sense for her to be single at the present time; however, this is merely a forecast, and we are unable to be certain of her current status in a romantic relationship because we are unable to be certain of her current status in a romantic relationship because we are unable to be certain of her current status in a romantic relationship. Taking into account her age, it is reasonable to assume that she does not currently have a romantic partner at this moment.

Toni Logan, better known by her Instagram handle BadKid and who was born and reared in the United States, is a prominent presence on the social media network. She swiftly climbed to the top of the popularity rankings on the social media platform as a result of the photographs and videos that she posted to her account on the site and made public to share with others.

Her Instagram account now has more than 219 thousand followers, and she has shared a total of 22 photos on the network so far. In addition to that, she maintains a secondary account on Instagram, which, ever since it was created, has collected a total of 15,000 individuals as followers. It was on September 29, 2020 that she made her very first video available to the general world on YouTube with the title “MALL VLOG!” This video was the very first one that she had ever submitted to YouTube.

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