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Australian YouTube star Biggy Norris is most known for being a member of the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, which has more than 2 million subscribers. In addition to the Norris Nuts channel, his brothers Sockie, Sabre, and Naz are all well-known YouTubers. His YouTube channel also features videos that are both fun and educational, which he uploads often. To date, Biggy has appeared in videos ranging from music and humour to challenges and motivation to sports and leisure. It doesn’t matter if the young YouTuber is working on a video by himself or with his brothers; he is dedicated to his craft.

His level of focus and maturity much outstrips his age. For the most part, Biggy Norris’ social media profiles are doing well in terms of their general reach and popularity. His family-friendly YouTube channel currently has over 5 million subscribers. On top of that, Biggy Norris has a sizable Instagram audience.

In June of this year, Biggy Norris debuted his YouTube career. For the past few years, he and his siblings have been appearing on the Norris Nuts collaboration channel he operates. All ages will find something to enjoy on the channel, which contains a wide variety of videos including comedy skits, competitive sports, and inspirational content. It’s all documented in the vlogs that Biggy creates about his family, which includes his parents and his two younger brothers. Fans of all ages can find something to watch on The Norris Nuts, which boasts more than 5 million subscribers and more than 1.9 billion views.

Biggy Norris Phone Number

On YouTube, all three of Sockie’s younger brothers, Sabre, and Naz, have become well-known. His sister, Sabre, is a frequent guest on the popular talk show The Ellen Show. As a member of the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, Biggy Norris is a well-known Australian child YouTuber. He is best recognised for his role as a featured member of the channel alongside his brothers, Sockie, Sabre, and Naz. In addition, he has a personal YouTube channel where he posts films that are both fun and educational. Biggy has appeared in a variety of videos, including music videos, comedy, challenges, motivational speeches, sports, and more. As long as he’s doing it alone or with the help of his siblings, the young YouTuber is determined to succeed. He has a mature demeanour for his age, and he is extremely attentive. When it comes to Biggy Norris’ online following, it’s safe to say that both of his channels are thriving. Currently, his family-oriented YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers. In addition, Biggy Norris has a large following on Instagram.

When Biggy Norris joined YouTube in June of this year, it was a huge success. Since then, he and his siblings have been collaborating on a YouTube channel called The Norris Nuts. Kids and parents alike will enjoy the channel’s diverse selection of videos, which range from hilarious skits and challenges to sports and inspiring messages. Vlogs about Biggy’s daily life with parents and siblings are also included in the collection. For viewers of all ages, The Norris Nuts has become a great source of amusement with over 5 million members and over 1.9 billion views.

On September 24, 2009, Biggy Norris was born in Australia. Sockie, Sabre, and Naz are all well-known YouTube stars. In addition to being a regular guest on The Ellen Show, his sister Sabre is also a regular on the show.

In addition to the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, the well-known Australian Family YouTube Channel, Biggy Norris is a talented and young star on YouTube. This family has many channels with more than 2 billion subscribers, which is remarkable. Besides that, the “Today Show” and the “Ellen Show” both invited the entire family.

If you’re not familiar with Biggy Norris, here are some things you should know about him. When it comes to surfing and skateboarding, he’s an expert. He has a large following on YouTube and it’s easy to notice his talent there. In addition, Biggy Norris’s father is a well-known figure in the world of film and television. The latter was a professional swimmer who represented Australia in the summer Olympics in 2000, when he took home a bronze medal. Brooke Norris is Biggy Norris’ mother, while Justin Norris is his father. His mother, a former junior swimming champion, is a housewife. Although his father was a professional athlete who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games and earned a bronze medal, Biggy Norris’s father was not. As a member of the Norris family YouTube channels, both of his parents are included in the roster.

B.I.G.Y. Norris Brooke Norris is his mother’s maiden name, whereas Justin Norris is his father’s. As a housewife and a former swimming champion, his mother’s occupation is well-suited to him. Contrarily, in contrast, Biggy Norris’s father was a former professional athlete who competed in the Summer Olympics of 2000 and was a bronze medalist in swimming. When it comes to Norris nuts, his parents are the official mascots.

Because of the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, which is an iconic Australian family channel, Biggy Norris is a well-known, talented and young YouTube celebrity. The amazing thing about this family is that they have a slew of channels with millions of fans. In addition, all members of the family were invited to appear on “The Today Show” and “The Ellen Show,” as well.

B.I.G.Y. Norris He is the son of Brooke Norris and Justin Norris. His mother is a housewife and a former junior swimming star. Furthermore, Biggy Norris’ father was a seasoned competitor who competed in the Summer Olympics of 2000 and took home a bronze medal in the process. Norris ’ YouTube channels are run by both of his parents, each of whom have a large following.

Along with Charm and Saber and Disco and Naz and Sookie and Naz and Sookie and Biggy he has five other siblings. Additionally, they are all linked to the YouTube industry in one way or another. Every member of the family is involved in the Family YouTube channel, which is helping them to achieve enormous success. This includes Saber Norris, the family’s oldest member and a well-known skateboarder and surfer.

Biggy Norris is a rising celebrity on YouTube who has gained notoriety for his work on the popular Australian Family YouTube Channel in addition to the Norris Nuts channel. With over 2 billion subscribers, this family’s multiple channels are impressive. On top of that, both the “Today Show” and the “Ellen Show” invited the entire family to participate.

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Biggy Norris, Australia

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Biggy Norris,


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  • Birthday/Birth Date: 30 January 2009
  • Place of Birth: Australia
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  • Age: 12 Years old
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  • Occupation: Youtuber
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Here are some facts about Biggy Norris you should be aware of if you’ve never heard of him. Surfing and skateboarding are two of his favourite pastimes. He has a sizable fan base on YouTube, where his abilities are readily apparent. As a bonus, Biggy Norris’s father is one of the most well-known actors in the entertainment industry. During the 2000 Summer Olympics, he competed for Australia in the men’s swimming competition, where he won a bronze medal. Biggy Norris’ mother is Brooke Norris, and his father is Justin Norris. She is a homemaker, the daughter of a former junior swimming champ. Biggy Norris’s father was not a professional athlete, despite the fact that his father competed in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games and won a bronze medal. Both of his parents appear on the Norris family’s YouTube accounts as well.

Norris B.I.G.Y. His mother’s maiden name is Brooke Norris, while his father’s name is Justin Norris. His mother’s job is a good fit for him because she is a housewife and a former swimming champion. Instead of being a former professional athlete, Biggy Norris’s father was a bronze medalist in swimming at the Summer Olympics in 2000. When it comes to Norris nuts, the official mascots are his parents.

Biggy Norris is a YouTube star because to the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, an Australian family channel that has become a household name. To put it simply, this family has an incredible number of channels, each garnering millions of followers. Additional appearances on the Today Show and Ellen DeGeneres’ show were also requested by the family.

Norris B.I.G.Y. Brooke Norris and Justin Norris are his parents. When he was little, his mother was an accomplished swimmer. Furthermore, Biggy Norris’ father competed in the Summer Olympics of 2000 and won a bronze medal, making him a well-seasoned athlete. YouTube channels run by both of Norris’ parents have a significant audience.

Besides Charm, Saber, Disco, Naz, Sookie and Biggy, he has a total of five siblings. In addition, they all have some sort of connection to the YouTube sector. The success of the Family YouTube channel can be attributed to the fact that every member of the family is active. Among them is Saber Norris, a well-known skateboarder and surfer who is the family’s oldest member.

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