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Bulgarian woman who has become a YouTube star because to her vlogs, challenges, and videos titled “I Tried Eating Like…” She has 900,000 subscribers and 186 million total views thanks to her videos. On December 19, 2017, she published her very first video on YouTube. It was a vlog with the title “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket,” and it was released on that day. This was before she gained widespread notoriety. Trivia She included Mia Maples in a video from October 2019 about the process of shopping for a wedding dress, and since it was put online, the video has been seen more than 500,000 times.

She was very dedicated to Nik Stanistreet throughout her relationship with him. Relationships Developed With She and Demi Donnelly worked together on a video project in July of 2018, and the project was center on them consuming nothing but Puntland Products for a period of twenty-four hours. Since Blair Walnuts was born on December 3, 1995, she is now 25 years old. Her birthday is December 3. The third of December is her birthday. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She was also born in Bulgaria, but these days she makes her home in the United States of America. Likewise, he was born in Bulgaria.

In the same vein, her nationality is that of Bulgaria, and in terms of her ethnicity and religion, she is of the Caucasian racial group and adheres to the Christian faith. Her ethnicity is the same as her nationality, therefore the two are consistent. She is fairly reticent and keeps a low profile as a result of her status as a public personality on social media, which contributes to her clandestine demeanor. In a similar vein, she has not disclosed a great lot of information about her family, especially her parents. This is particularly the case when it comes to her parents.

In a similar vein, there is no information to be discovered anywhere on her childhood or any of her siblings. In addition, in terms of the progression of her education, she has successfully fulfilled the requirements for a college degree. On the other hand, there is no information on the school from where she received her diploma. Blair is a well-known character on several social media sites, and she also makes unique video content for YouTube.

She uploads a wide variety of videos to her channel, such as cooking vlogs, challenges, and fashion hauls, and this has helped her get a significant number of subscribers. In a similar fashion, she began her journey with social media by launching a YouTube channel in 2017, which she did in the year 2017. She did this in 2017. In a similar manner, she established a channel on YouTube under her own name on September 16, 2017, and titled it “Blair Walnuts.” As of right now, the channel has 829 thousand subscribers.

Along the same lines, the very first video that she published to her channel was titled “DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET…” (Don’t put all your eggs in one basket). On December 19, 2017, she was the one who first shared the video, and in the time since then, it has been seen 25,000 times. After then, on the 17th of January 2018, she made a post on her website titled “I TRIED THE VICTORIA’S SECRET DIET FOR A WEEK. (SHOCKING*)”. As of right now, there have been more than 318 people visit this article. Moreover,

Her channel has a total of 184 videos, all of which she has posted, and it has had approximately 68 million views since it was created. In a manner similar to this, her most popular video is titled “GOT A JOB AT CHUCK E. CHEESE TO SEE IF SHANE DAWSON WAS RIGHT.” This video has garnered more than 9.4 million views since its creator first published it on the 16th of February, 2019. GOING TO THE PLACE THAT WAS REVIEWED WORST “NAIL SALON” IN MY CITY! ” “I TRIED THE VICTORIA’S SECRET MODEL DIET – ROMEE STRIJD,” “*1 STAR*,” and “ROMEE STRIJD” are some of the headlines that appear on this article.”

“I PAID FOR TANA MONGEAU’S ONLYFANS SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOL (SCAM?)” “I PAID FOR TANA MONGEAU’S ONLYFANS” Among the tweets that have been making the rounds on social media as of late is one that reads, “EATING LIKE TRISHA PAYTAS FOR A DAY, I GAINED 10 POUNDS LOL HELP.” Collectively, more than 1,300,000,000 people have seen these movies. Both Blair’s popularity on social media platforms and her work as a content creator on YouTube bring in cash and help to increase her net worth. In a manner somewhat similar to this, by the time she has reached this point in her professional life, she has accumulated a fair quantity of riches in addition to an extraordinary degree of recognition.

Her channel on YouTube, where she has more than 829 thousand subscribers, as well as the high number of views her channel receives, is the primary source of income for her business. In the same spirit, in terms of her net worth, she is said to have something in the vicinity of $400,000 to her name. Despite this, there is no information that can be obtained in the media on the values of her assets. In terms of her sexual orientation and the dynamics of the relationships in her life, Blair is a straight woman who is in a committed relationship at the present time.

She had been seeing her partner, the YouTuber Nik Stanistreet, for more than seven years until she eventually made her move and proposed to him in the year 2019. She started having a love connection with Nik in 2012, and she often posts beautiful pictures of the two of them together on social media. She is very private about her personal life and has not revealed any information about her physiological measures, such as her height, weight, breast size, waist size, hip size, shoe size, or dress size. She is also quite secretive about her personal life. She has light brown eyes that are both lovely and mesmerizing, blonde hair, and a skin that is exceptionally fair overall. Her eyes lure you in.

She has always considered the United States of America to be her home, despite the fact that she was born in Bulgaria. She was born in Bulgaria and has that citizenship. She follows the teachings of Christianity, and her ethnicity is considered to be Caucasian. Her family tree is often classified as belonging to the Caucasian race. She has attributes such as being attentive, bright, bold, ambitious, kind-hearted, and self-assured. She is also a Sagittarius, therefore it is natural for her to have these characteristics. Her passions include swimming, reading, putting on makeup, and going on excursions. She also enjoys reading novels.

Blair Walnuts has had an interest in the craft of video making ever since she was a very young kid. She first got her start in the working world by submitting videos on YouTube. Although the majority of the content that she uploads to her channel consists of cooking vlogs, challenges, and fashion hauls, she has attracted a significant amount of attention for her other content that she has posted on the site. On September 16 of same year (2017), she kicked off the creation of her very own channel on YouTube and gave it the name “Blair Walnuts.”

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is the video that she has uploaded to her channel that is the farthest back in time. On December 19, 2017, it was made available to the public, and as of right now, it has more than 25,000 views. This is the one video of hers that will remain relevant for the longest time compared to the others.

After the publishing of this film, she uploaded yet another video on her channel. After following the Victoria’s Secret diet for one week and uploading my story online on January 17, 2018, the video has garnered more than 318 thousand views. [Citation needed] She has over 68 million views across all of her movies, which she has gathered through posting more than 184 films to her YouTube account. To this day, she continues to add new videos to her channel.

The video with the title “Got a Job at Chuck-E-Cheese to See if Shane Dawson Was Right” is the one that has brought her the most notoriety. On February 16, 2019, it was uploaded on the internet, and there had been more than 9.4 million views since then. Other films that she has published include ones titled “Eating Like KPOP,” “BlackPink Lisa in Korea,” and “Going to the nail store in my city with the worst ratings.” One star is the rating that I have assigned to the Victoria’s Secret Model Diet – Rome Stride.

Since I have paid for Tana Mangeao’s one and only fan, there is no need for me to continue doing it LOL. In addition to that, I gained 10 pounds after imitating Trisha Pastas’ diet for a day LOL Help. The total number of times each of these films have been seen brings the total to more than 1.3 million. She was also paired with Demi Donnelly in July of 2018, and the two of them worked together on a video project in which they both subsisted only on Puntland Products for a period of twenty-four hours. The film was released in July of 2018.

Blair Walnuts is pleased to share the news that the guy who has been the love of her life, Nik Stanistreet, has proposed to her and they are now engaged. Before becoming engaged in 2019, they had been dating for close to seven years, which also happened to be the year that they got engaged. The year 2012 served as the starting point for the couple’s romance, and ever since then, they have been able to keep their relationship on a positive and fulfilling path.

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House Address:

Blair walnuts, Bulgaria

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Blair walnuts,


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  • TikTok Id: @blairwalnuts
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  • Tumblr Profile: NA
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Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: December 3, 1995
  • Place of Birth: Bulgaria
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NiksFlix
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 26 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: YouTube Personality
  • Height: 5 feet and 8 inches


  • Salary of Blair walnuts: NA
  • Net worth: $629,000
  • Education: graduate
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
  • Facebook Fans: NA
  • Twitter Followers: NA
  • Total Instagram Followers: NA
  • Total YouTube Followers: 829 thousand subscribers

They have even posted pictures of themselves together on the internet. there was speculation that Blair Walnuts and Nik Stone street had become estranged from one another. Despite this, the two people have categorically denied the rumours and have continued to be spotted together. They have even posted pictures of themselves together on the internet. Blair Walnuts has a social media presence that is pretty active, using it to keep her fans updated on her life and what she has planned for the future. Her user name on Instagram is @blairwalnuts, and she has amassed 154 thousand followers and 222 posts there. You can find her on YouTube under the username “Blair walnuts,” and she now has more than 833,000 subscribers to her channel.

Blair not only shares images and videos centered on food, travel, and lifestyle issues on her social media accounts, but she also often competes in culinary competitions for the enjoyment of her fans. In December of 2017, Blair was able to capture the attention of other users of the video-sharing network YouTube by submitting her first video on the platform and sharing it there. Starting on this day, she was able to amass a total of 35 million views, which sent her channel into the stratosphere of popularity among internet users.

A number of her most popular movies are done in the style of “What I Eat in a Day” films, and she also does research and tests with a number of the most well-known diets that are followed by models and celebrities. Blair recognizes the value of physical mobility and urges greater understanding of the importance of mental health. This demonstrates that she is a considerate influencer who always puts the happiness of her followers at the forefront of her mind no matter what the situation may be.

At the moment, Blair is going to marry a different YouTuber who goes by the name Nik Stanistreet. They often make guest appearances on one another’s blogs and pose for endearing photographs together, which they then share on their own Instagram accounts. In addition to the regular pictures that she makes on Instagram, Blair also keeps up an account called “workoutwithwalnuts,” which is focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle via nutrition and exercise. She uses images in this article to demonstrate to her followers the foods that make up a normal day’s worth of her diet. The purpose of the post is to encourage her followers to eat healthily and to respect their bodies by following her example.

BLAIR WALNUTS is a well-known YouTube personality who became successful on the platform by uploading videos to his channel that included vlogs, challenges, and compilations titled “I Tried Eating Like…” BLAIR WALNUTS rose to the top of YouTube by uploading videos to his channel that included “I Tried Eating Like…” She was born on December 3, 1995 in Bulgaria, and she started dating Nik Stanistreet, who is also known as NiksFlix, around the same time. The year 2019 marked the beginning of the couple’s engagement. It was in Bulgaria that she made her debut. Her first music video, which was uploaded on YouTube and titled “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket,” was her first work. Both of these can be seen on her Instagram account, which is where she posts her videos and photographs to share with her followers.

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