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Brooklyn Frost was born in Seattle and became a naturalized American citizen on August 17, 2004. Her mother’s name is Monique Carrillo. Her twins, Deshae and Amare Frost, were born on 9 January 2001. In June of 2003, I was born. Despite the fact that he appeared in one of Deshae’s prank films, no one knows who his father is yet. Despite the fact that their parents are divorced, their children are being raised as a family. Brooklyn, a college student, lives in Seattle. It’s been a year since she started seeing Christian Green, whom she met in 2018. As a practicing Christian, she describes herself as such.

‘It’s going to be a wild ride,’ I always tell my sister. When Deshae posted a video to YouTube on October 5, 2017, it went viral almost immediately. Fans of Frost were delighted by the jovial conversation between these two siblings. They begged her to appear in more videos because they were desperate for her to appear in more. Decades later, Brooklyn has appeared in numerous films directed by Deshae.

Brooklyn Frost’s rise to stardom was aided by her brother’s YouTube channel. She and Deshae pranked her brother in order to show off their wonderful sense of humour.

Brooklyn Frost created her YouTube channel on March 3rd, 2019, and posted her first video. Over 440,000 people have watched this YouTube video in the span of a few hours.

She has over 891,000 YouTube followers since she started uploading videos to her channel. Over 54 million people have seen her videos on YouTube. To a certain extent, this may be traced back to the Mel Mel vs. Mel Mel video, in which the elder Mel Mel appears with the younger.

All of this has resulted in a sizable social media following. The fact that she has over 354,000 Instagram followers is hardly a surprise. When she made her debut on February 22nd, 2019, this was the first post she published. Her social media following has grown as a result of her frequent “selfie” and fashion update postings on many platforms.

Brooklyn Frost Phone Number

Her wit, sense of humor, and down-to-earth demeanor have helped her grow a large social media following. Deshae is protected from the dangers of internet fame since her mother and brother are always on the lookout for her. On August 17, 2004, Brooklyn Frost was born in Seattle, Washington. Her mother’s maiden name is Carrillo, and she refers to herself by that name whenever she addresses others. January 9th, 2001 was the date of the births of twins Deshae and Amare Frost.

Despite the fact that Deshae’s fake film had a scene in which their father appears, the identity of their father remains a mystery. Even though their parents have separated, the children are being raised as a single unit. Brooklyn is a New York City-based college student. She fell in love with Christian Green, a man she met in 2018, in the course of that year.

The song featured in the video is called “I Almost Threw Up!.” As a result of her appearance, Brooklyn Frost became a household name. This is going to be so much fun for my sister and me! On October 5th, Deshae uploaded his video to YouTube, and it quickly went viral. Frost fans were delighted to watch the brothers and sisters share a humorous conversation. Group members were begging her to appear in additional videos because they were so keen to see her in action. After Deshae agreed to collaborate with him, Brooklyn was cast in some of Deshae’s most popular works.

Brooklyn Frost has become more well-known as a result of the success of her brother’s YouTube channel. Deshae and she showed their wonderful sense of humor by playing practical jokes on their brother. It was evident that Brooklyn needed a distinct outlet because she had two younger brothers who could watch. After much persuasion, she ultimately gave in to public demand and launched her own YouTube account.

She started her own YouTube channel this month, and she did it by uploading a single video on March 3, 2019. In just a few days, my debut YouTube video was seen more than 441,000 times.

More than 892K people have subscribed to Brooklyn Frost’s YouTube account since her debut. Her YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 54 million people. “I DID A CURLY HAIR ROUTINE ON MY BROTHER!” was one of many films she and her younger brother, Mel Mel, appeared in together on the big screen! Her most popular video has been viewed by more than 1.2 million people.

She’s gained a sizable social media following as a result of all of this. With over 354,000 followers on Instagram, she has a sizable fan base. Her first blog post was published on February 22nd, 2019. Increasing her following on social media is simple when she posts “selfies” and “fashion updates” on a daily basis. Her quick wit, dry sense of humor, and down-to-earth personality may be to blame for her social media success. As a result of constant supervision by her mother and brother, Deshae is safeguarded from the perils of internet celebrity.

Brooklyn Frost, a New Yorker, was born on August 17, 2004, in Seattle, Washington. Her mother’s maiden name is Carrillo, and she refers to herself by that name whenever she addresses others. DeShae Frost (b. Jan. 9, 2001) and Amare Frost (b. Jan. 9, 2002) are her brothers, respectively (b. January 9, 2001). By birth on 10 June 2003. The identity of Deshae’s father, who appeared in one of his prank films, has remained a secret. A family is formed even when both parents are no longer together. Brooklyn is a student at the University of Washington in Seattle.

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Brooklyn Frost
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Christian Green has been her boyfriend for the past year. She’s been a devoted follower of Christ her entire life. Because of her involvement in the music video, she wrote the song “I Almost Puked!” For her work, Brooklyn Frost has become a household name. My sister and I are going to get into a lot of trouble!’ On October 5, 2017, Deshae posted it on his YouTube channel, and it quickly became viral. The Frost siblings’ witty banter pleased fans. As a result, fans began requesting more of her work. Since then, Brooklyn has appeared in some of Deshae’s most well-known works.

When Brooklyn Frost’s brother started to feature her in more videos on his YouTube channel, her popularity skyrocketed. The amusing pranks Deshae was subjected to were a clear indication that they shared a sense of humor. In this point, Brooklyn’s siblings and parents could tell that she needed a method to express herself. She’d been getting requests from fans for a long time, so she decided it was time to finally do what they wanted.

When Brooklyn Frost started her own YouTube channel on March 3, she dubbed it “Brooklyn Frost.” More than 440,000 people saw the video titled “My First YouTube Video! *Get to Know Me!'”

This has led to a significant social media following. The fact that she has over 354,000 Instagram followers is hardly a surprise. Since then, she has been posting regularly. The more “selfies” and fashion updates she posts to her Instagram account, the more followers she’s amassed. Because of her quick wit, good sense of humor, and down-to-earth attitude, her social media following may be increasing.

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