Elisa Maino
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Elisa Maino Bio Data :

Elisa Maino is a fashion vlogger and Italian Youtuber who has gained fame through her YouTube and Musical.ly posts (now known as TikTok). In the year 2014, she began making videos and gained a lot of attention. For the younger generation, her videos mostly consist of fashion tips.The reason she clicks with her fans instantly is that she reveals every fashion hack in the video in the simplest possible way. Some of her videos contain tips for beginners on easy make-up, fall make-up with various make-up items, and some are collaborations with her friends from Youtuber. Over a very short period of time, Maino achieved fame and attention.


At an early age, Maino began making videos. In July of 2014, she founded her YouTube channel. Her videos typically include vlogs, ask, her monthly transactions, which she shares with her fans, challenges, and videos of make-up.On YouTube, she posts two different styles of videos. One consists of fashion videos, while musical videos are part of the other category. Her fashion videos are extremely popular as she shares several beauty hacks online with the younger generation.


She shared numerous hairstyles she donates in her daily life in one of the videos, showing each with instructions. In addition to this, she also posts several videos of tasks where she challenges her fans to undertake a certain task, such as the challenge of versatility.Many of her fans even follow her Instagram profile. On Instagram, she does not post any musical or fashion related material. Instead, on her website, one can find her photographs posing as a model. This website is devoted only to her personal life, which separates it from her YouTube channel.

Some Facts About Elisa Maino :

  • Elisa Maino was born on  17, 2003.
  • Her Age is 18 years old.

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