How Bow can Harm us and our body(It’s Shocking)

There are many Harms of using a bow but there is fun too using. This guide is to show how can a bow harm us and we should avoid that to ensure proper safety.

While using bow is fun and a great activity. Many people have shown signs of shoulder and back problems. While shoulder pain is common between bowhunters.

While using a bow your muscle can gain amazing flexibility and strength but you can get serious muscle strain and you could tear your muscle apart. The biceps, triceps, and pectoralis muscles joined to your shoulder can also be injured or cause pain.

The rotator cuff muscles are pretty small and are easily strained or torn if not properly conditioned. As we grow old these muscle gets weaker. While most of rotator cuff injuries occurs above the age of 43.

Sometime using a bow we feel mild pain, we usually ignore it, but these are usually small tears in your muscles which can be seen with microscope but as time passes and we continue to use bows these tears become big and become a huge injury that could cost us a shoulder if not treated properly.

Using bow in a windy weather is so bad for surroundings. The shooting arrow could travel anywhere depending on the speed of the wind and could fly to some animal or a living being that could cause death .

Usually the type of injury with using bows are abrasion from either the arrow or bowstring.

Most of the Injuries also occur with bows that are broken and not adjusted properly without any supervision.

Some People usually wear scarf and other accessories like jewelry which could potentially lead to his death.

Another reason that when a person shoots an arrow he goes to collect ut without seeing his surrounding that if others are also shooting an arrow that could strike him if the wind blows out of nowhere than you could imagine what could happen to that person.

The most usual thing that most of people miss is skipping the manual that comes with the bow or a how to guide that takes couple of minutes but is very help if not avoided.
There is another thing known as “Dry Firing” which means to pull the string of the bow and release it without an arrow. Compound Bows get most damage with Dry firing because of high tension. This seems harmless but it can literally break your bow and could cause unknown damage.

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