How To Sight In A Night Vision Scope

How to sight in a night vision scope

Night vision scope is mostly used at night for hunting. It is popular among both professional and newbie hunters as it is really good for hunting at night.

If you have used night vision or not then you will have a problem on how to sight in a night vision scope. It is common to have difficulties when aiming with a night vision scope.

As different rifles have different firing patterns so adjusting night vision is to be done perfectly. So that shooting range and target you are seeing on night vision scope can be hit precisely. 

Following are a few steps you should follow when zeroing in a night vision scope.

Night vision in daytime:

How to zero in a night vision scope

The main problem of night vision scope is that it cant be used at daytime. Because it will cause serious damage to night vision (even a little amount of daylight).

As it works by collecting and amplifying the natural and limited light. Therefore you should never turn on your night vision scope during the day.

If you own a night vision scope than there are a couple of things you can do to protect your scope. In light, keep your device in a soft or hard case for protection and make sure to keep the lens caps on all the lenses of the goggles or binoculars.

And make sure to turn it off when not using as it will save it from exposing to light as well as save battery.

Some digital night vision scopes can be used during the day. In this case, you can sight during the day easily.  

Working of night vision scope:

As every night vision scope is different some have different properties.

Every night vision scope comes with a user manual. Which you should not ignore it as it provides a detailed view of the scope, as well as features and how to use it. In it, manufacturers give tips and guide on how to sight in a night vision scope.

Or if you can’t find any tips then you can search the manufacturer’s website.

So once you are done reading the manual before heading out do some experiments to understand how it operates and how to properly adjust the system.

It will make it easier for you to use a night vision scope.

So knowing how night vision work is important.

Practice targeting:

night vision scope target practice

It is important to practice targeting as it will help you gain experience and improve your accuracy.

But in the dark, the problem with night vision is that you are not sure that you are hitting the target or missing it. For this, you need to make some modification.

Such as find targets which remain well illuminated in the dark or apply reflective tape (they are cheap and easy to find) to the target. You can also use another pair of monocular to check if you hit the target or not.

Keep practicing until your accuracy becomes better and your bullets hit the target perfectly.


Shooting position:

zeoring in night vision

In shooting position weapon which you are using needs to be steady as possible to avoid missing your target. For this, you need to obtain a comfortable and stable position.

For this, you can use bipod or table which you can place your gun on and also use measuring tools to know your target location and accuracy range. Now you should start firing your target. After fire check where the shot hit the target, you need to observe your target and if possible measure the distance.

If it didn’t hit the required area then make adjustments to your position. Again repeat fire now check your target and see where rounds have hit.

If it hits the target perfectly then you are done. If it doesn’t repeat the process again and again until you perfect your hit the target where you want to and eventually it will become easier for you to sight your target.


Final Verdict:

As night vision are complicated devices surely It will take some time for you to hit your target accurately.

So be patient and continue practicing and be sure to follow all steps. And if you succeed then hunting will be a piece a cake for you.

If you want to share your personal experience or have any tips comment below.  

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