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Jacqueline Wilson is an English writer renowned for the ‘Tracy Beaker’ series for her children’s books. On 17 December 1945, Jacqueline Wilson was born to Jacqueline Aitken, father of a civil servant and mother of an antique merchant in Bath, Somerset, UK. After a while, she went to Kingston on Thames and spent her early years there. She went to Latchmere Primary School when she initially became a book addict.

In her classes, she adored reading books. However, she obtained poor qualifications in creative writing, because her stories were not sufficiently formal or traditional. Jacqueline Wilson presently works in Kingston on Thames as patron of the charity ‘Momentum.’ She is also the ‘Letterbox Club’ patron. She is also a pro-chancellor at Roehampton University. Since childhood, she has had an impeccable imagination.

Jacqueline Wilson (Novelist)

She filled fictitious characters in her school notebooks. Noel Streatfeild was one of her favorite authors and read books like ‘What Katy Did’ and ‘Little Women.’ At the age of 9, she wrote her first novel, a short piece of 21 pages titled ‘Meet the Maggots.’ It told the story of a family with seven children. At a tender age, she showed a vibrant and crazy imagination.

She couldn’t concentrate on academics, though, and was regularly caught staring outside of the windows. It went on till her high school years. Her teacher often teased her when she called her “Jacky Daydream.” Jacqueline had little interest in anything other than English and she had already taken it upon herself to become a writer. She attended Coombe Girls’ School at age 16 and finished her studies.

She believes that her years at ‘Coombe’ were her most formative years. She still routinely visits her school. Although she wanted to become a writer, first she had to become financially comfortable. Therefore, she began training as a secretary. But destiny had different ideas for her. She wrapped up work as a writer with a magazine called ‘Jacky,’ a popular publisher, DC Thomson.

Jacqueline applied for the job at the age of 17 at ‘DC Thomson.’ Her decision was based on one of her articles describing the horrors of teen discotheques, now a fad among English teenagers. She met a man named Millar Wilson while working there. They were two years old before they were married in 1965. At that time, Jacqueline was 19 years old and had just begun writing on her own literary work. Two years later, they had a daughter, Emma Wilson. Before she finally became a “published” novelist, she confronted some rejections. Her first short story appeared at the age of 17 whereas her first novel appeared at the age of 22.

Some of her earliest books were reviewed in mixed form. She went on to produce more novels, such as ‘Ricky’s Birthday,’ ‘Hide and Seek,’ ‘Truth and Dare’ and ‘Let’s Pretend.’ Most of her books, however, had little or no success. In the 1980s it increased its pace and wrote an average of almost two volumes a year. In the late 1980s, she finally began to be recognized.

It was not until 1991 that she became regarded as a highly competent author. The first novel in the ‘Tracy Beaker’ franchise was published in 1991, ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker.’ It was a first-person story of a leading character called Tracy Beaker, a troubled 10-year-old girl. The book recounts the woes of Tracy, a young girl with behavioral problems, who has been abandoned by her mother and lives in a care home.

Family Life of Jacqueline Wilson:

Jacqueline was also the author of the well-known ‘Hetty Feather’ series, which wrote six novels from 2009. The title of the first installment was ‘Hetty Feather.’ The sequels were followed, ‘Sapphire Battersea,’ ‘Emerald Star,’ ‘Second Star,’ ‘Little Stars,’ and ‘Christmas of the Hetty Feather.’

In addition to publishing a number of volumes, she also often wrote stand-alone works. Some of her latest pieces are ‘The Butterfly Club,’ ‘Opal Plumstead,’ and ‘The Bridesmaid.’ Several of her novels have been turned to television shows, such as ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker,’ ‘The Double Act,’ ‘The Illustrated Mum,’ ‘Hetty Feather,’ ‘The Dumping Ground.’

Tracy was presented as an imaginative child who told the workers and her pals at her care home, and once mentioned her mom, a famous from Hollywood, who would one day come to collect her. From the point of view of an adult, “Tracy” would appear to be a person with significant psychological problems. Both children and adults loved the novel.

It was also successful critically and economically. Her move from a crime thriller writer with sex and violent stories to an author of a child’s heartfelt story has been embraced by everyone. Jacqueline targeted young girls with her second book series, ‘Girls.’ In 1997, ‘Girls in Love’ was published, the first installment of the series. It was an immediate success.

It was followed by ‘Pressure Girls,’ ‘Late Girls,’ and ‘Tear Girls.’ They were all just as successful. Jacqueline returned to ‘Tracy Beaker’ in 2000 and published her sequel, ‘The Dare Game.’ This was followed later by another sequence, ‘Starring Tracy Beaker.’ The latest installation in the series, ‘My Mum Tracy Beaker,’ was published in October 2018.

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Novelist Jacqueline Wilson Phone Number

Jacqueline Wilson’s phone number is still valid as of 2021, and it was discovered through one of her social media profiles. It can be used for commercial inquiries, fan texts or fan mails, voice conversations, and other reasons involving fans.

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Email Id:

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  • Email: NA

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  • Address: David Higham Associates (Book Publisher) 5-8 Lower John Street Golden Square London, W1F 9HA UK

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Instagram Id: https://www.instagram.com/jacquelinewilsonfanclub/

Website of Jacqueline Wilson: https://jacquelinewilsonbooks.fandom.com/

Twitter Profile Link: https://twitter.com/FansofJWilson

Youtube Address of Jacqueline Wilson: https://www.youtube.com/user/jacquelinewilsontv

Facebook Id: NA

TikTok Id of Jacqueline Wilson : NA

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