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 Justin Hayward, better known by his stage as Justin Hayward, was born in Swindon on October 14, 1946. He received his first guitar when he was nine years old. In 1965, he became a member of the Wild Cats, the backing band of the English rocker Marty Wilde, who performed before to the Beatles. At the end of 1965, Hayward had written four songs that he believed were suitable for him to record on his own. This prompted him to seek out Lonnie Donegan, a producer who had previously worked as a sniffle king. Hayward’s first solo song, “London Is Behind Me,” was issued by Pie Records on the very last day of 1965. However, the single was unsuccessful in making an effect on the charts.

The subsequent single, titled “I Can’t Face the World Without You,” was issued by Allophone on August 26, 1966, and it achieved similar levels of success. Around the same time, Hayward responded to an advertisement placed by Eric Burdon looking for a lead guitarist. But Burdon had already filled the position, so he referred him to the Moody Blues, who were looking for a new guitarist/singer to replace Denny Laine, who had lately left the band. Burdon had previously filled the position himself. Following his first encounter with the group, Hayward subsequently became a member of the Moody Blues, so completing the band’s most famous lineup.

The band stuck to the R&B-influenced sound that had made them famous before Hayward joined, and they did so throughout the first half of the year after he joined. However, over time, they started incorporating new songs into their stage act as well as their recording schedule. This was the catalyst for a major breakthrough in their career, as Decca/London Records invited them to take part in a stereo demonstration record that combined rock and orchestral sounds. The album that resulted from these sessions, Days of Future Passed (1967), was essential in reviving the fortunes of the band, not the least of which was due to the popularity of Hayward’s now-iconic compositions “Nights in White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon.”

This lush, romantic style would become the basis for the band’s sound over the next seven years, and while each member contributed songs and lead vocals, Hayward essentially became established as the group’s primary singer and songwriter, penning classics such as “Lovely to See You,” “The Story in Your Eyes,” and “New Horizons.” Hayward also contributed songs and lead vocals. After the band went on hiatus in 1974, bassist John Lodge and guitarist/vocalist Hayward recorded the album Blue Jays as a pair. This led to the release of the smash single “Blue Guitar” in 1975, which contained a background track performed by the band 10cc. The publication of Hayward’s first solo album, Songwriter, in 1977 marked the beginning of his career as a solo artist. This album had a sound that was sparser, livelier, and more acoustically layered than his work with the Moodies.


After achieving international success with the Top Ten song “Forever Autumn” in 1978 as a component of Jeff Wayne’s album War of the Worlds, he went on to record his second solo album, Night Flight, in the year 1980. Hayward focused the majority of his efforts on the reformed Moody Blues throughout the course of the following several years, during which time the band had an intense recording and touring schedule ahead of them. Moving Mountains, his third solo album, was released in 1985 and included a style that was very similar to the work he had done in the early 1970s. The Moodies had their last significant chart triumphs in the late 1980s with the songs “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” and “Your Wildest Dreams,” both of which were written by Hayward. Both songs reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Throughout the decade of the 1990s, Hayward released a number of solo albums, including the symphonic “Classic Blue” in 1989, followed by “The View from the Hill” in 1996 and “Live at San Juan Capistrano” in 1998. (1998). The Moody Blues continue to be one of the most in-demand bands for live performances, and Hayward, together with John Lodge and drummer Graeme Edge, make up the only original members of the band’s current configuration. Hayward was given the Golden Note Award by ASCAP in 2005 for British composers, and he got his second Ivor Novello award from the Performing Rights Agency in the United Kingdom in 2013.

The voice of Justin Hayward is well-known all over the globe as a result of the fact that he has spent more than half a century at the pinnacle of the music and entertainment industries. His persistent skill has served to define the eras in which he has worked, primarily as the singer, lead guitarist, and songwriter for the Moody Blues. He is best known for his work with the band. Within the last forty-five years, the band has racked up fifty-five million record sales and a slew of accolades for their work.

The Moody Blues are famous all over the globe as innovators and trail breakers who have inspired any number of other musicians. Their commercial success has gone hand in hand with critical praise, and both have contributed to their overall reputation. In 2018, Justin was honoured by being admitted into the illustrious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the other members of the band The Moody Blues. Justin was given his grandfather’s extensive collection of 78 rpm records when he was only five years old. This sparked an early love in music in Justin, who was born and raised in Swindon, which is located in the United Kingdom. Justin adds that the experience gave him “a whole new universe” of imaginative possibilities. After teaching himself to play the ukulele, the author is now able to:

Soon after, he moved on to playing the guitar, and by the time he was in his early teens, he was already performing with local bands. After dropping out of school at the age of 17, he responded to an advertising in the publication Melody Maker and was able to successfully audition for the British rock and roll legend Marty Wilde. It was like a dream come true when Marty offered me the opportunity of playing guitar for him. I got the job. Marty is credited by Justin as being the one who inspired him to pursue a career as a composer. During his time performing and recording with Marty’s ‘Wilde Three,’ Justin also made an appearance at the London Palladium. To this day, they continue to be the closest of friends: “Marty is still my idol.”

After getting his foot in the door as a composer in his own right with a handful of solo songs, he joined the Moody Blues in the summer of 1966. He was a founding member of the band. After finding success almost immediately with the single ‘Fly Me High,’ he went on to score iconic hits with the songs ‘Nights in White Satin’ and ‘Tuesday Afternoon,’ both of which were taken from the groundbreaking album ‘Days of Future Past.’ This record went on to become a fan favourite among the astronauts at NASA and was transported onboard the Atlantis shuttle space vehicle by Chief astronaut “Hoot” Gibson on a number of different flights.

This period of success did not seem to be coming to an end as Justin produced more timeless, era-defining, and genre-defining singles such as “Question,” “The Voice,” and “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere,” and “Your Wildest Dreams.” The extraordinary success story of the Moody Blues, as well as his solo career, which continues to this day was built on the basis that they provided. In 1975, when the Moody Blues were taking a break from their touring, Justin collaborated on the album by the Blue Jays, which was followed by the successful song “Blue Guitar” (recorded with the members of 10cc). Despite the fact that the Moodies maintained their status as one of the most successful recording and touring acts, Justin still managed to find time to record a number of solo albums, including “Songwriter,” “Night Flight,” “Moving Mountains,” and “The View From the Hill.”

The song “Forever Autumn,” which Justin wrote for Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” album, helped him break into the Top Ten in a number of countries in 1978, demonstrating that he was capable of writing major singles outside of the Moody Blues. Becoming, even for a writer of his caliber, a hallmark song, this was the push that led to him stepping to the stage for a period of five years, from 2005 to 2010, and starring in the stunning live stadium performance.
In the 1980s, he was inducted into the illustrious “SODS” (The Society of Distinguished Songwriters), and in 2012, he was given the title of “King SOD” by the organisation. Additionally, in 1989, he worked together with Mike Batt as well as the London Philharmonic Orchestra to create the album known as “Classic Blue.”

In March of 1997, Justin was selected to be the topic of the television programme “This Is Your Life.” The decision was made in front of several of Justin’s friends, including Marty Wilde, Lionel Bart, and astronaut “Hoot” Gibson. In 2005, he was given ‘The Golden Note’ award by ASCAP, which is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a British writer. Additionally, he has made frequent appearances in Nashville among other songwriters in the context of showcase events. He was presented with his second Ivor Novello statue for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ by the Performing Rights Society in the United Kingdom in the year 2013.

Hayward has used a red Gibson ES-335 for the majority of his work, but he also plays other guitars live and in the studio. These other guitars include a 1955 Martin D-28 “Dreadnought,” a James Olson six-string acoustic, a black Guild acoustic, a Squire Stratocaster (which is essentially an inexpensive version of the Fender Stratocaster because Squire is a subsidiary of Fender), a Between the years 1965 and 1968, he did not have access to his Gibson 335 and had to rely on other instruments, the most notable of which was a 1964 Fender.

Telecaster as well as a hand-built 12-string guitar that he had refinished for Donegan and subsequently purchased from Donegan’s widow. Nevertheless, Hayward claims that he has had the 1963 Gibson 335 since 1967 in an interview that was filmed in 2005 and featured on the Lovely to See You performance DVD. Recent performances and recordings have seen him using a Collings D3 guitar. On the albums A Question of Balance and In Search of the Lost Chord, Hayward performed a variety of instruments, including the mandolin, sitar, and others.

Hayward, the song “Nights in White Satin” was written “in admiration of all women” at the conclusion of one love affair and at the beginning of another. It was written during a time when he was transitioning from one love affair to another. Hayward married model Ann Marie Guirron on 19 December 1970. On December 3, 1972, the birth of his daughter Doremi, who contributed vocals to the song “Raised on Love” on Hayward’s album Songwriter released in 1977, took place. In 2013, Hayward discussed the time in 1967 when he and other members of the Moody Blues band learned how to practise transcendental meditation.

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Justin Hayward
Dee Boss Talent Management
Deli Studios
Theatre Delicatessen
2 Finsbury Avenue
London, EC2M 2PA

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Justin Hayward
Dee Boss Talent Management
Deli Studios
Theatre Delicatessen
2 Finsbury Avenue
London, EC2M 2PA

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Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: 14 October 1946
  • Place of Birth: Swindon, United Kingdom
  • Wife/GirlFriend: Ann Marie Guirron (m. 1970)
  • Children: Doremi Hayward
  • Age: 75 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: English musician
  • Height: NA


  • Salary of Justin Hayward: NA
  • Net worth: $10 million
  • Education: yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
  • Facebook Fans: 31k
  • Twitter Followers: 7560
  • Total Instagram Followers: 10.3k
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He was able to run quickly as well, and he won the South West County Championships for the 440-yard race. But music was his actual purpose, which was made clear when he founded a sniffle group named The Riversides at the juvenile age of 10. However, he had to wait another three years before he had his first true taste of the entertainment industry, which happened to occur when he was on vacation in Lyme Regis It was a musical called Boy in the Blue Jeans, and he offered to be an emergency accompanist for it. As it turned out, he ended up staying for the rest of the summer. When he moved back to Swindon, he joined a band that was originally called The Rebels but would eventually be known as The Off-Beats. In addition, he was a member of the Swindon bands The Whispers, All Things Bright, and The Shots, and he worked for Bradley’s, a local construction company, as a trainee salesperson for a period of 18 months.

It was through his affiliation with well-known pop musician Marty Wilde that he was given his first significant break in the music business. Justin performed with Wilde in a televised charity event at the London Palladium on April 8, 1966. Within a month of that performance, Justin was jetting out on a Forces entertainment tour as part of the Marty Wilde trio, with Wilde’s wife, Joyce Baker, completing the line-up. He moved away from Swindon and settled in London, and it was in the latter city that he became a member of the Moody Blues in 1966 (he actually found out that he had been chosen for the post of lead vocalist when he was browsing guitars at Duck, Son & Pinker on Fleet Street in Swindon).

The group had already achieved their first number one hit on their very first try with “Go Now,” which did so at the beginning of 1965. But despite three successive recordings, they were unable to crack the top twenty, and Justin recalls that those early days with the band were not an easy period for him personally or professionally. When he ran out of money, he had no choice but to ask his father for help in paying for his instruments.

However, owing to Justin’s contributions as a composer, they were prepared to make a comeback. Nights in White Satin is probably their best-remembered song, and it was a top twenty hit three times, although strangely for such a well-known song, it never went higher than number nine in the charts. Although Go Now and the 1970 hit, Question, which made number two, are their most successful singles, Nights in White Satin is probably their best-remembered song. Go Now and the 1970 hit, Question, which made number two.

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