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Matthew Hussey: 5 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Autograph Request, Social media profiles)

Matthew Hussey is a popular figure on social media platforms in addition to being a life coach, dating expert, TV personality, and author of a book that has sold a lot of copies. ABC’s web series “What to Text Him Back” features him in his current role as a dating expert. “What to Text Him Back” was produced by ABC. The two things that have given him the most attention are the fact that he works as a matchmaker on NBC’s reality dating competition series ‘Ready for Love,’ and that he is the resident love expert on the ‘Today Show.’

As a dating specialist, he has been on a number of different television series, some of which include “The Vanessa Show,” “Plain Jane International,” “Rachael Ray,” “FabLife,” and “The Single Wives.” His first piece of writing to be published was a book with the working title “Get the Guy: A Novel.” Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve was the title of this book when it was originally published in 2013. This book was first published in 2013. It was a number one bestseller on the New York Times. In addition to that, he was the presenter of the radio show that was named “Love Life with Matthew Hussey,” and he was also the executive producer of the television short that was titled “Get the Guy:

Kids Talk Dating Problems.’ His accomplishments have been brought to the notice of readers in a variety of magazines, such as “The Independent,” “The Sun,” “The Daily Mail,” “OK!,” “Men’s Health,” “Glamour,” “Cosmopolitan,” “Elle,” “Fabulous,” and “Evening Standard.” There are more than 1.43 million users who are subscribed to his channel on YouTube, which bears his name. Matthew Hussey’s birth took place on June 19, 1987, in the county of Essex, England. His parents, Stephen and Pauline Hussey, gave him the name Matthew. He attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, for his undergraduate studies, and then went on to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, for his master’s degree in business administration.

When Matthew Hussey was in his late teens, he began giving dating advice to the male friends he already had. He did this until he was in his early twenties. As word of his accomplishment spread, he expanded the scope of his services in 2008 to include serving customers with both male and female clients with life counselling. After putting in a lot of hard work over the years, he is now in a position where he can provide personalised life counselling to customers in London cafes.

In 2008, he released the first episode of his series named “Get the Guy,” and in June of 2010, he started utilising his YouTube account to make suggestions to female viewers. In both cases, the series was titled “Get the Guy.” In the same year, he uprooted his life and moved to the United States, where he continued to develop the series by adding a variety of online programmes and live events designed to assist women in dating and maintaining healthy relationships. In addition, he renamed the series “Dating and Healthy Relationships for Women” (Dating and Healthy Relationships for Women).

Almost immediately, he was offered a recurrent part on ITV’s “This Morning,” as well as a piece in the dating section of “Now” magazine that he would be required to write every week. In the end, he employed both of these strategies in order to write the best-selling book “Get the Guy,” which established him as an authority in the industry. This book also established him as an expert in the subject. He was successful in gaining the backing of a number of well-known individuals, including the actress Eva Longoria and the television personality Tyra Banks. His live retreats, such as “Women’s Weekend” and “The Matthew Hussey Retreat,” have drawn the presence of thousands upon thousands of women. His retreats are named after Matthew Hussey.

Despite the fact that he is widely regarded as one of the most successful dating coaches for women, he had very little recognition outside of his niche audience until he began dating the singer Camila Cabello at the beginning of 2018. Prior to this relationship, he had very little recognition outside of his niche audience. There are a total of 605 videos that have been added to the channel that belongs to Matthew Hussey on YouTube. The channel has a total of 399.03 million views, with a total of 2.26 million subscribers on YouTube (of which 10,000 have subscribed in the last month), and 2.26 million members (of which 10,000 have joined in the past month). The YouTube channel maintained by Matthew Hussey has a total of 9,317 subscribers, which positions it at position number 2,559 on the list of channels with the most subscribers in the United States. His Average Video Views is

Camila Cabello, a Cuban-American singer and songwriter, is an alumna of the girl group Fifth Harmony, where she served as a member for three years. Matthew Hussey, who had been “single by choice” for a considerable amount of time, was seen for the first time on a beach in Cabo San Lucas on a romantic date with Camila Cabello in February of 2018. The date took place on the beach. Many of her admirers were taken surprised in January when she made a surprise visit on “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” to promote her newest album.

During her presentation, she questioned the presenter if Matthew was still there, which caught everyone off guard. She not only mentioned that she loved him for his amazing counsel but also said that this was one of the reasons why she liked him so much. The media hasn’t ruled out the potential that Elvis Presley had a role in setting up Presley and Presley’s romance, and they’ve reported on the likelihood.

They initially introduced themselves to the general public and made their relationship known to the general public in May of that year by kissing backstage at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. This moment was taken on video by the magazine Billboard, and it was published on Snapchat by the publisher. When she is with Matthew, the singer, who is often rather shy and avoids social media, does not hesitate to participate in public manifestations of her devotion for him. This is in contrast to her usual behaviour, in which she avoids such displays. A month later, they were seen on camera kissing at the airport in Barcelona, Spain, which was followed by a passionate evening spent on a date in a nearby park the following day. The kissing was followed by a passionate evening spent on a date in the neighboring park.

The first episode of “Get the Guy” was shown in 2008, and in June of 2010, the show’s creator uploaded some tips for ladies on his YouTube account. From that location, he launched a series of online programmes and in-person events with the intention of guiding women through the process of dating and cultivating love relationships. He completely uprooted his life and moved to the United States within the same year. Soon after that, he began appearing often on the ITV morning programme “This Morning,” and he also began writing a weekly dating column for the journal “Now.” Both of these endeavours brought him much success. His combination of these two programmes led to the production of a book with the catchy title “Get the Guy,” which became a runaway commercial success.

He was successful in gaining the admiration of well-known individuals, such as Eva Longoria and Tyra Banks, amongst others. Every every year, tens of thousands of women show up to participate in his live retreats, such as Women’s Weekend and The Matthew Hussey Retreat. In the course of the summer of 2017, the musician Camila Cabello was the one who was responsible for bringing him to the attention of a wider public. Today, he is generally regarded as one of the most efficient dating coaches for women.

He has been doing this work for almost 20 years. Hussey teaches women how to attract men while also developing a feeling of control over their own life, and she does both in the same instruction. According to him, this indicates that in order for women to entice men to be attracted to them, they need to have high expectations for themselves, know that they are capable of reaching their goals, and be prepared to face the task of having a life that has some kind of significance to them.

Matthew Hussey Phone Number 2022, Email Id, How to Contact Information, Texting and More Details

Matthew Hussey Addresses:

House Address:

Matthew Hussey, Essex, United Kingdom

Fanmail Address of Matthew Hussey:

Matthew Hussey,

Essex, United Kingdom

Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘Matthew Hussey’

  • TikTok Id: NA
  • Facebook Id (Facebook Profile):
  • Twitter Id:
  • Instagram Id:
  • YouTube Channel Link:
  • Tumblr Profile: NA
  • Official Site of Name: NA
  • Snapchat id of Name: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: 19 June 1987
  • Place of Birth: Essex, United Kingdom
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 35 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: YouTube Personality
  • Height: NA


  • Salary of Matthew Hussey: NA
  • Net worth: $793.57 thousand
  • Education: yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
  • Facebook Fans: 4.3 million
  • Twitter Followers: 99.9k
  • Total Instagram Followers: NA
  • Total YouTube Followers: NA

The author encourages women to approach guys they come across on the street or in cafés with the purpose of either asking for a favour or giving a favour in return for the other person’s assistance. Both men and women, who, in this day and age of technology, are having problems sustaining good relationships, may find his advice to be useful. Matthew Hussey was born to his parents, Stephen and Pauline Hussey, on June 19, 1987 in the English county of Essex. Stephen was the father, and Pauline was the mother.

Both Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Stanford, California, awarded him with a Master of Business Administration degree. He attended both of these schools. As a result of the success of ‘Get the Guy,’ his father is now in charge of managing the business that their family has been in charge of for many generations.

Stephen, the younger of his two brothers, is one of the people that provides content to both his website and his films. Stephen is this guy’s name. In addition to that, every so often you may see him making a guest appearance on his channel on YouTube. First seen together in February of 2018, Matthew Hussey and Cuban-American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello, who had previously been a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, were spotted publicly for the first time together. Cabo San Lucas was the location of the beach where the sighting took place.

She had dropped a signal in January when she appeared on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. During that visit, she had asked the host whether Matthew was still there and added that she liked him for his outstanding advise. This was a hint that she was interested in Matthew. She had done so by asking the host whether Matthew was still there. Many of her followers were ignorant of this fact; yet, she had done this.

he acted as a matchmaker in order to bring the two parties together in order to accomplish his goal. When they are together, the singer, who is often quite reserved and avoids using social media, isn’t bashful about showing how much she admires Matthew in front of other people. This is in contrast to how she typically behaves. This is a departure from the manner in which she normally carries herself. Following the passage of a month, the pair went on another one of their memorable dates at a park located in Barcelona.

Matthew Hussey Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA
House address (residence address)Essex, United Kingdom
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

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