How David made 4.5$ Million Dollars Empire from a Single food truck

David Choi from St. Louis had 18,000$ in his bank account and made 4.5$ million dollars empire Fast food chain with food truck enterprise and 4 restaurants.

David said that “I started with Seoul Taco because i didn’t wanted to work hundred hours a week. I sold my car and i combined every money i could get. A person from Philadelphia was selling a food truck for 40,000$ but i had 18,000$ but he sold it to me anyway in 18,000$.

I knew Korean food because i used to cook with my mom and grandmother and i


started using their recipes and combining them with a taco. Some people thought it was weird but my brother and friend also helped me raise 22,000$.

The First day there was a line of 40 people and i ran out of food.

Working at the food truck gave me a good experience on how things really worked and i faced so many problems but in the end these problems made me stronger.

After some time i made enough Revenue that i invested on the food truck in just few months. (Amazing!)

Now he have 100 employees and everyone starts at entry level.

Form 2013 to 2014 our revenue increased to 52%

From 2014 to 2015 our revenue increased to 153% (Insane amount of Growth!)

He said that “We are not resting just here. We want to Continue to Grow”

This Inspiring story teaches us to Believe in our dreams and Invest our money on it with Proper planing we could make another Million dollar Empire.

Invest and Reinvest!

Credits: Entrepreneur Article

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