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Skilla Baby Bio Data :

There’s no Sada Baby in the mood. No one is. On a cold day in mid-February, just a few hours before we spoke, the news emerged that the rising Brooklyn rap star Pop Smoke had been shot and killed. Sada Baby buried the tragic tale on his tablet, blowing smoke from the window of a Yukon XL parked in the middle of Manhattan. “I didn’t personally know my brother, but it’s an unspoken brotherhood,” said De De. Sada then starts to have a tense conversation about the day’s schedule with his management team. “We need to get our shit together,” he shouts at the three men who are meant to make things simpler for him. On a day like this, particularly! ”


The car is dead silent following the outburst and some vague finger-pointing. Seconds start feeling like minutes. Eventually, with talk of Michigan college basketball, a member of Sada’s team lightens the mood. Soon enough, as the car fills with laughter, Pop Smoke music, and the fog of a freshly lit blunt, the moment of grief and anger dissipates.

Spending time with 27-year-old Sada Baby is a lot like diving into his music, which is unpredictable and prone to mood swings.


Take his January mixtape, Brolik, part of a deluge of songs he’s released over the past six months, where he coolly delivers devilish one-liners on the intro only to yell ad-libs later on with the force of the Complete Metal Jacket drill teacher. The centerpiece of the mixtape, “WWF,” exists on both sides of the spectrum, as Sada steadily builds from chill to total chaos while dropping references to video games, NBA stars, X-Men, and Dragon Ball Z: “A nigga in real life, Modern Warfare, got that kilo with me/I could shoot this shit through Indiana, Oladipo with it/Regenerate my health like Wolverine.””So I don’t need to be treated like Senzu beans by any nigga/Percocets, you know I keep them bitches,” he howls. It is a punchline marathon that invokes the spirit of the superhuman mixtape run of Lil Wayne in the 2000s.

Some Facts About Skilla Baby :

  • Skilla Baby was born N/A.
  • Her Age is 19 years old.

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