What is a recurve bow?

recurve bow

Recurve bow:

Recurve bow is a kind of bow which has limbs that curves when the string is pulled with the arrow and uncurves and shoots the arrow when the tension in the string is released.

This type of bows stores more energy and delivers energy more because of its shape which increases the speed and energy of the arrow. Its limbs are made from multiple layers of fiberglass, wood, and carbon.

But many recurve bows are made from wood. It has a single string that’s much shorter than the string used in a compound bow.

This bow has a set drawback length which can be adjusted. These are still used in Olympic archery competitions.

The effort required to draw an arrow and aiming depends entirely on the size of the bow.

Advantages of a recurve bow:

Its larger size makes it stable in hand for no hand shock. Recurves are very accurate so the arrow is pointing directly where you want to shoot.

Highly recommended for beginner as they are easier to shoot.

Lighter and very easy to carry. It is also great for teaching beginner archers. Large recurve bows can fire several hundred yards depending on the draw. They are easier to maintain due to fewer parts.

Basic Advantages are:

  • Lighter 
  • Easy to use
  • Accuracy
  • Easy to maintain

Disadvantages of a recurve bow:

This bow requires you to be closer to your target so that you can hit them with great accuracy and speed.

Recurve bow does not have the mechanisms system like wheels and pullies. Because of this, you have to rely entirely on your strength which requires more upper body strength so having great upper body strength is important.

Recurve bow with a larger frame is harder to pull back. This bow requires more practice to master it.

Basic Disadvantages are:

  • Does not have mechanisms system
  • Upper body strength is important
  • To hunt you have to be closer to the target
  • Requires practice

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