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Yandy Smith: 5 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Autograph Request, Social media profiles)

On March 21st, 1982, in the city of Harlem, New York, Ralph and Laura Smith became pregnant with their daughter, Yandy Smith-Harris. She is their daughter. She goes by the nickname “Yandy” After seeing the iconic comedy from the 1990s named “A Different World,” which highlighted the life of students attending a fictional Black university in Virginia, she made the choice to go to college after watching the film.

She obtained her degree in business management from Howard University, which is located in Washington, District of Columbia, and she attended that institution. The television series was based, in part, on the institution that served as its inspiration. Omare and Skylar Smith are the results of her romantic involvement with Mendeecees Harris, which ultimately led to the latter being pregnant with both of their children. Judy Harris, her mother-in-law and a supporting cast member on her reality programme, is also involved in the care and development of her two young children. She does this in addition to her role as a cast member on the show. Her daughter-in-law is known as Judy Harris.

She asked her parents to make an appearance on the reality show episode that was devoted to the celebration of her marriage to Mendeecees, and they accepted her invitation. In later utterances, she has said that she still intends to go through with a traditional wedding ceremony, despite the fact that the fact of her marriage has been brought to the attention of the general public. Nevertheless, he is now serving a sentence of ninety-seven months in prison for the crime he committed. Yandy Smith, a well-known philanthropist, has been an indispensable asset in supporting a significant number of young people in signing up for the healthcare plan that is made available by Obamacare.

She came into the world in the New York City neighbourhood of Harlem. She said yes to the engagement ring that was offered to her by another Love and Hip Hop star, Mendeecees Harris, in the year 2015. Omere and Skylar are the couple’s children; they were the results of her marriage to Mendeecees and were born to them. The couple is the parents of Omere and Skylar. In addition to that, they have a daughter by the name of Infinity Gilyard who was adopted by them. If you watch her videos on YouTube, you may recognize her from the handle infinitiayko that she uses on the internet.

Information about how to get in touch with Yandy Smith Her Fanmail Address, Email ID, and Website 14 are Listed Here, Along with Her Address, Telephone Number, and Whatsapp Number. Love and Hip Hop: New York is a reality television show that airs on VH1. One of the most notable cast members is Yandy Smith, who plays a role in the show. In addition to her work as an entrepreneur, she has also established a career for herself in the entertainment industry as an actor, a producer, and a reality television personality.

She made her first appearance in the program’s second season in 2011, making her one of the cast members who had been with the show the longest. Since then, she has been in each and every season since then. As a result, she is now one of the cast members who has been associated with the programme for the longest amount of time. Violator Management and Warner Bros. are among the companies that she has worked with in the past.

Music, as well as Momani Entertainment’s role as an entrepreneur, Her accessories company, EverythingGirls .’s Love, has evolved into a lifestyle brand for women and now produces the EGL Magazine. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, from health and wellness to money and fashion to love, and it is distributed alongside the magazine. As an entrepreneur in the music and Momani Entertainment industry. She was awarded the honour of being one of Billboard Magazine’s “Top 30 Executives under 30” in the year 2008, when the publication made the announcement.

Her debut as a producer came in the form of the independent movie Life, Love, Soul, which she oversaw the production of in the year 2012. She not only acted in, but also wrote and directed the short film “Two Days in Harlem,” which had its premiere in front of an international audience at the Cannes Film Festival in the year 2014. In the same year, she was also involved in the production of an off-Broadway musical, for which she served as a producer. The title of her entrepreneur’s guide eBook for the year 2016 is “The Beauty of Branding in Business,” and it was released in the same year.

These items come in the form of a book that is geared particularly at children, as well as a collection of magazines that are geared toward working mothers. In addition, these products are available. Immediately after the completion of her studies, Yandy Smith began her professional life by taking an internship at Violator Management, where she served as Mona Scott-executive Young’s assistant. During the time that she worked there, she was in charge of a lot of A-list clients for the firm. Some of these clients were LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, and Busta Rhymes, among others. Momani Entertainment, which she eventually went on to lead as the company’s president after having first formed the company. She was on a private plane on its way to Detroit for a hip-hop summit during this time period. She managed to strike up a discussion with Jim Jones while she was there.

She became more involved in his life as he continued to mature, and she eventually took on managerial responsibilities for him. Love and Hip Hop: New York, a reality series on VH1 that focuses on the life of MC Jones, was supposed to be a biography at one point in the production process. However, since Jones was unable to go on with the show, Yandy and Mona decided to turn it into a programme that would focus on the female followers of male hip-hop performers.

After working with the actor for the previous seven years, she finally made her debut on the show in the role of his manager during the second season of the show. Information about how to get in touch with Yandy Smith Not to include Her Fanmail Address, Email ID, and Website 15 She shot to prominence almost quickly, becoming one of the most well-liked cast members of the show, a position she maintains even now despite the fact that the programme has progressed much farther.

She wed her longtime lover, Mendeecees Harris, live on camera on the episode of Love & Hip Hop Live titled “The Wedding” that aired on May 25, 2015, and the episode was titled “The Wedding.” “The Wedding” was the name given to the performance. Their love involvement has proven to be one of the program’s most appealing aspects to viewers. Some spectators, after viewing the live performance, developed the conclusion that Yandy Smith’s wedding to Mendeecees Harris was a fake. This viewpoint was created as a result of seeing the show.

The fact that they did not go through the proper procedures to legally marry was a revelation that came as a shock to viewers during the seventh season of the show when Yandy mentioned it. This information was brought to the viewers’ attention by Yandy. The audience began to have reservations about her behaviour as a result of the frequency with which she emphasised the fact that she was Mendeecees’ “wife” on the show and the importance that she put on it. This caused the audience to question whether or not she was acting appropriately. It was assumed that she was seeking to evade paying child support money while her husband was jailed for a crime that he did not commit because she refused to sign the legal documents.

However, she continued to delay the procedure even after he began serving his sentence, claiming that her husband wanted to wait until the sentence for his drug trafficking case was finished before moving forward with the procedure. This was despite the fact that he had already begun serving his sentence. Despite the fact that he had already begun serving his term, this continued to be the case. People began harassing her throughout the numerous social media platforms that she used as soon as it became common knowledge that she had concealed the information from everyone, including her husband. Her defence was that she didn’t want to put her children in a terrible financial condition, but the court didn’t buy it for one second. Her defence was that she didn’t want to put her children in a difficult financial situation.

The show’s most prominent character and the actor who has been with it the longest is Yandy. Smith is now working for both Warner Bros. Music and Momani Entertainment in various capacities. The method in which women spend their lives has been significantly altered as a direct result of the introduction of wholly new items to them. She publishes articles for EGL magazine on a number of topics, including personal finance, health, and the relationship between love and fashion. In these pieces, she conveys her message of female empowerment to the readers of the publication.

After completing her degree programme, Yandy Smith obtained employment at Violator management, where she now works as an assistant to Mona Scott-Young, the CEO of the company. In the past, Smith has collaborated with a variety of well-known clients, some of which include LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, and Busta Rhymes, to mention just a few. Smith was given the job of senior executive at Momani Entertainments, which was a television production firm that was founded by Mona Scott, Smith’s supervisor. During the trip, she had an unexpected run-in with the rapper Jim Jones, and it was he who connected them with one another and put them in touch with one another.

Love and Hip Hop had a significant makeover as a direct consequence of the contributions made by Yandy and Mona, which placed a greater emphasis on the achievements of women. Because of Yandi’s prominence on the show, her fiance Mendeecees Harris was able to aid her with the sale of a number of her series. This was made possible by Yandi’s participation in the show. In addition to being the business owner of her own firm, Yandy Smith is a reality TV personality, actress, and producer. She also runs her own company. Her career as a celebrity on the reality series Love & Hip Hop: New York, which airs on VH1, is largely responsible for her rise to fame. This person is also an entrepreneur who runs the Everything Girls Love brand, serves as president of the firm, and is a co-owner of the business with another person.

Before this character became famous all over the world, they worked at the firm Violator Management as executive assistants. During that time, they helped run the business. This celebrity from a reality television show ended up working with Jim Jones in the end as his manager. In addition to this, Billboard Magazine named this individual one of the Top 30 CEOs under the age of 30 in the year 2008 for their accomplishments in the business world. In addition, the individual in issue and Joe Budden both appeared on Love & Hip Hop: New York during the third and fourth seasons, respectively, of the show.

This specific individual made their first appearance on the aforementioned reality show for the very first time during the second season, which aired for the first time in the year 2011. After that point, this famous person continued to play an important part in the succeeding seasons, which continued on after the first occasion. After some time had gone, Smith established himself as one of the cast members who remained on the programme for the longest period of time possible.


In addition, this reality star made her debut as a producer in the year 2012, when the independent feature picture Life, Love, Soul was released in theatres. Later, in 2014, Smith produced the short crime drama Two Days in Harlem, in which he also had a part as an actor. The film was about two days’ worth of events in Harlem. The same year that this celebrity was active in the production of an off-Broadway musical, they were also engaged in the production of another musical. In a manner somewhat similarly to this, Smith published an electronic book in 2016 under the title The Beauty of Branding in Business. This book was written for those who operate their own businesses.

According to Smith, her first work in the entertainment business was an internship with Violator Management, which she began doing as soon as she graduated from college. Smith says that she did this for around a year. She started her professional life by taking a position as Mona Scott-executive Young’s assistant. Smith was in charge of a number of the company’s high-profile clients, such as 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, and Busta Rhymes, amongst others. Smith was also in charge of a number of other clients.

Yandy Smith Phone Number 2022, Email Id, How to Contact Information, Texting and More Details

Yandy Smith Addresses:

House Address:

Yandy Smith, Harlem, New York, United States

Fanmail Address of Yandy Smith:

Yandy Smith,

Harlem, New York, United States

Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘Yandy Smith’

  • TikTok Id: NA
  • Facebook Id (Facebook Profile):
  • Twitter Id:
  • Instagram Id:
  • YouTube Channel Link:
  • Tumblr Profile: NA
  • Official Site of Name: NA
  • Snapchat id of Name: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: 19 March 1982
  • Place of Birth: Harlem, New York, United States
  • Husband/BoyFriend: Mendeecees Harris (m. 2015)
  • Children: Infinity Gilyard, Omare Harris, Skylar Smith
  • Age: 40 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Height: 1.7 m


  • Salary of Yandy Smith: NA
  • Net worth:  $15 million
  • Education: yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
  • Facebook Fans: 3 million
  • Twitter Followers: 893k
  • Total Instagram Followers: 7.4 million
  • Total YouTube Followers: NA

Following Scott-establishment Young’s of the television production firm known as “Momani Entertainment,” Smith was promoted to the position of president at the organisation. Smith ran across MC Jim Jones in Detroit, where the latter was attending a hip-hop summit. Smith was flying to Detroit on a private aircraft at the time of their encounter. Jones was first given assistance in an unofficial capacity, and later on, this guy became Jones’ manager and became responsible for his representation.

It seems like Yandy Smith has a very happy life as a wife. Her husband, who goes by the name Mendeecees Harris and features on the programme Love and Hip Hop, is also a reality television star in his own right. The wedding took place on May 25, 2015, and was documented for an episode of Love & Hip Hop Live titled “The Wedding.” The live broadcast of the ceremony may be seen here. The pair dated for a combined total of eight trying years before to taking the next step and getting married.

The two individuals who were together had a daughter named Omere, and a daughter named Skylar. Both of these children are female. Mendeecees Harris Jr. and Asim are Smith’s stepsons; they are the progeny of her husband’s prior marriages to other women. Smith has two stepsons. In addition to that, this wonderful couple is the parents of a girl who goes by the name of Infinity Gilyard and who was raised in the foster care system. Their foster daughter, who uploads videos to YouTube under the moniker “infinitiayko,” has gained a significant following there.

Yandy Smith is a tall and slim woman who stands at roughly 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) in height and weighs close to 128 pounds (58 kg). In addition, Smith’s eyes and hair are the same shade of dark brown much like the rest of his body. In addition to this specific piece of information, the research on the reality star’s physical measures is still in the process of being carried out at the moment.

Yandy Smith Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
House address (residence address)Harlem, New York, United States
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(470)923-1138
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

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